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Dr. Claire Sheeran

(MBBS, Dip. Derm, FRACGP)

Dr. Claire Sheeran is a medical doctor who is passionate about helping people, especially those with sensitive skin, achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Her passion stems from a long personal history of sensitive skin including severe eczema during childhood, acne and easily reactive skin through adulthood. Dr. Claire felt there was a gap between the beauty and skincare fields as the treatment plans she was provided with often only lasted as long as the medication. Furthermore, the majority of the advice on skincare and makeup was simply not suited to those with truly sensitive or reactive skin.

Frustrated by this she sought out other means of achieving healthy skin and she discovered that for herself, the only method of achieving long term healthy skin was to treat it through a holistic way and with gentle care.

Her treatment plan will include a focus on diet, skincare, topical treatments and if needed temporary oral treatments. The long-term goal is to achieve healthy skin independent of medical therapy.

Dr. Claire is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has completed a Diploma of Dermatology through the Australian Institute of Dermatology. She also has experience in event and bridal makeup and recently completed further training through the London Makeup School.

Medical & Skin Background

Dr. Claire Sheeran has nearly a decade of medical experience with a heavy focus on skin health.

She has a broad knowledge of medicine and recently attained a fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Prior to this she worked in hospitals and clinics where she completed a Diploma of Dermatology through the Australian Institute of Dermatology and was also a clinical fellow at the Victorian Melanoma Service and the Skin and Cancer Foundation. She has worked with clinics specialising in skin cancer since 2014.

Dr. Claire is very passionate about medicine as a whole and believes self-education and keeping up to date with research is very important for overall patient care.

She has published articles on a variety of medical topics and she is currently undergoing further training through the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine.


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Complications of HbH Disease in an Adult Population. Presented at HAA-APSTH Co-joint Scientific Meeting. Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Melbourne VIC, October 28th 2012

Makeup Background

Dr. Claire has always had a very creative side and when she was younger she explored this side through drawing, artwork, fashion and dressmaking. Medical school came along and she found she still needed a much-needed creative outlet but had very little time for creative projects. It was at this point, when she was working long hours in busy hospital years that she found a quick canvas was a person’s face and her love of makeup began from there.

She found that many makeup blogs and advice columns were for people with “normal” skin and often if she tried those methods her skin would flare up. She established ‘Styled By Claire’ during her hospital years and ran it as a consultative service for girls and women who wanted a refresh on their skin and makeup.

Her skincare and makeup services were mainly aimed at helping people find a regime that worked with their lifestyle and a makeup look that was a glowing, radiant version of themselves. Dr. Claire’s signature makeup look is one that makes you look glowing and radiant. She has experience in makeup artistry for both event and bridal makeup and has helped brides achieve a glowing, radiant version of themselves on their Wedding Day.

Dr. Claire has most recently completed further training in London at the London Makeup School.